David Selverian

David is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University, where he studies Decision Science and Business. David first became interested in startups after starting and selling a business in high school. He then went on to work for Scout Ventures and Armory Square Ventures, which provided invaluable exposure to early stage, tech-centric investing. David is an active member of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, the club lacrosse team, and the club soccer team on campus. David's primary investment interests include AI, machine learning, and financial technologies.

Ripley Carroll

Ripley is a senior at the University of Virginia, studying Finance and IT. This past summer he worked at Stripes Group in NYC.

Sydney Bigelow

Sydney is a senior at the University of Michigan, studying Informatics. She has been involved with the entrepreneurship community through her work at (and with) startup companies in Michigan. She has also enjoyed being an active member of MPowered Entrepreneurship, where she proudly served as the President last year.

Sahil Dhanju

Sahil is a junior at Texas A&M, studying CS. He’s the President of TAMUhack, and this past summer worked for Google doing software engineering.

Himank Yadav

Himank is a junior at Texas A&M, studying CS. This past summer he worked at Apple in Cupertino doing software engineering.

Jessica Tan

Jessica was born and raised in Indonesia, and is a senior at Northwestern University, double majoring in Political Science and Organizational Behavior. She interned at 500 Startups in San Francisco this past summer, and is the co-president of NU's entrepreneurship student-run organization. Her childhood dream was to be a pilot, but today she has a long-term goal of bringing back innovation and technology to Indonesia. She’s traveled to 60+ cities around the world (next destination: father-daughter trip to Tibet. Any tips?), been to the Wall of Dubrovnik (#gameofthrones), and loves culinary adventures.

Aaron Leon

Aaron is currently a student at Northwestern University, where he’s pursuing his BS/MS in Computer Science. He’s a Co-Founder of Womentum, and previously worked at Uptake and FUSE Studios.

Gabriel Coleman

Gabriel is a student trained in Data Science, Finance and Entrepreneurship who has a deep passion for start-ups. Prior to joining Contrary, he worked on developing the University of California, Santa Barbara’s first start-up accelerator program. Additionally, Gabriel heads the Entrepreneurs Association at UCSB. When Gabe is away from the demands of his job, you will most likely find him enjoying the beach, playing poker, adventuring, or maintaining his dedication to fitness.

Ankur Lal

Ankur is currently a sophomore at Vanderbilt University majoring in Computer Science and Economics. 

Saurabh Jha

Saurabh is a junior at Vanderbilt from Detroit, MI, pursuing a double major in Civil/Environmental Engineering and Economics. Since arriving at Vanderbilt, Saurabh has become interested in both clean technology and the financial services industry, and has explored both fields through experiences with the Department of Energy s Spark Clean Energy and Wells Fargo’s Commercial Real Estate group. In the future, Saurabh looks to explore and find his niche in a variety of fields including finance and tech-based entrepreneurship.

Varun Arora

Varun is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University, studying CS. This past summer he worked at Cadre in NYC doing software engineering.

Zak Keener

Having grown up in the middle of the information age and a business centric family, Zak keeps his finger on entrepreneurial life both inside and outside of the University of Texas at Austin. In his three years at UT as a computer science major, he's worked for two startups, the most recent of which he helped design, engineer and implement a blackbox. His two years as a vice president of the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency has introduced him to the best, brightest, and most ambitious students and faculty at UT, and he's as excited as ever to help the burgeoning startup scene by being a part of Contrary Capital. 

Yixin Lin

Yixin is a Duke math/CS junior interested in technology and, more specifically, in AI and how to use technology to build a better future.  He’s been working on research in machine learning and DNA computation, and also helps direct HackDuke and serve on the executive board for Duke Effective Altruism. His goal is to help true innovation happen by combining the creativity of research with the hyperfocus and impact of entrepreneurship.

Sid McLaurin

Sidney is a MBA/Environmental Management dual degree candidate at Duke's Fuqua School of Business, graduating in 2017. Sidney is pursuing a career in venture capital and is interested in enterprise technology startups. During his time at Duke, he has interned with a number of VC firms, including Kapor Capital and Qualcomm Ventures. Prior to business school, Sid spent 6 years with Siemens Industry as a Product Manager for Industrial Computers. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and is a huge fan of Gator Football and Duke Basketball.

Nihar Parikh

Nihar is a Goizueta Scholar at Emory University, majoring in Finance and Computer Science. He is an avid contributor to the startup community, beginning his career at few funded startups, leading Emory's entrepreneurship organization and startup accelerator, and delving into a few ventures of his own, including a financial advisory firm serving Atlanta startups. He loves long discussions about Game of Thrones and placing bets on Apple keynote reveals.

Pava LaPere

Pava is currently studying Computer Science and Sociology at Johns Hopkins University, but her main interests lie in entrepreneurship and business strategy. Most of her time is spent working with TCO Labs, a think-tank focused on establishing a more centralized entrepreneurial infrastructure at Hopkins, or with her fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, where she serves as the Director of Entrepreneurship. In her free time, you’ll find her reading autobiographies, writing blog posts, or deadlifting in the gym. 

Tommy Vater

Tommy is majoring in Finance at Wake Forest University and will graduate in May of 2017. He is currently the President of the Wake Forest Entrepreneurship Society and is in the process of developing a student / faculty-led accelerator program.  He is extremely interested in business development and venture capital. 

Johnny Fayad

Johnny is a senior at Northeastern University, majoring in business administration with concentrations in entrepreneurship and finance. During his time in school, he has served multiple leadership positions with the NU Entrepreneurs Club while starting his own venture, New Grounds Food. Other than all things startup, he's a big fan of coffee in all forms, especially the edible variety! 

Rohan Doshi

Rohan studies computer science, with a focus in statistics and machine learning, at Princeton University. He is also pursuing certificates in East Asian Studies and Financial Engineering. Rohan founded JusText, a SMS search engine for the developing world, and brings work experiences in software from his time at Siemens, ASTRI (machine learning research lab in Hong Kong), and Microsoft. Some current areas in interest include edtech, healthcare, VR, and AI. In his spare time, he can be found competing at hackathons, dancing for Princeton Bhangra, or practicing his Chinese.

Dakota Nelson

Dakota is an engineering student at Olin College and runs Striker Security, a small information security consulting company. When he isn't writing code, Dakota enjoys speaking at security events and helping entrepreneurs in the Olin/Babson community and around the Boston startup ecosystem. You can find out more about him at his website, dakotanelson.com, or learn about Striker at strikersecurity.com.

Connor Masterson

Connor spent most of his childhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia. In high school, Connor had the honor of working in The United States House of Representatives, as an intern, where he began working on his first company Jobly. Jobly created the largest college career office directory in the world, connecting employers to over 2,300 colleges nationwide. Connor now attends the University of Miami, where he recently founded Royal, a next generation customer loyalty platform, and became a Forbes 2016 Top College Entrepreneur. 

Jafer Hasani

Jafer is a sophomore at Lehigh University, studying Molecular Biology, pre-med/pre-dental, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. His interests lie in medicine, technology, exotic cars, and religion. His hobbies include driving, skydiving, and traveling.

Freddie Vargus

Freddie is currently a junior at Boston University, majoring in Computer Science, with a minor in Statistics. He's very interested in Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Quant Finance, and Venture Capital, and he serves on the executive board for both the BU Entrepreneurship Club & BU Finance & Investment Club. He loves Japanese food and Rap & Hip-Hop music, and plays soccer in his spare time.

Indra Sofian

Indra is a business student from Georgia Tech and an entrepreneur at heart. He’s the founder of a multimedia solutions company called Elevated Solutions, where they produce videos, graphics, and photography for businesses. He’s on the leadership team for two entrepreneur organizations at Georgia Tech: Startup Exchange, where he leads operations and serve as Co-Director; and 3 Day Startup, Atlanta's largest business hackathon. It’s his goal to one day start his own technology company and leave a lasting impact on the world for generations to come.

Jeevan Karamsetty

Jeevan is a second-year Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Commerce. He has a wide variety of interests, ranging from VC to start-ups/entrepreneurship, from coding to managing teams. Jeevan is heavily involved with different organizations at UVA, working to increase the entrepreneurship scene in Charlottesville. In the future, Jeevan plans to run his own IT business. In his free-time, Jeevan loves working on personal projects. He also enjoys traveling around the world to compete in chess tournaments. Jeevan is also an avid basketball enthusiast and loves spending time with his family and friends. 

Justin Tunis

Justin is a junior at MIT majoring in computer science/electrical engineering. He’s the director of StartLabs, and is very involved in Boston’s entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole. He has experience working at twenty-person startups and massive companies like Procter and Gamble, but also understands the struggles that founders face, as he has two companies he’d like to get off the ground in the near future. He’s a huge fan of corgis and looks forward to traveling around the world, but not before he finds a way to make it a better place, so let’s make that happen.

Malachy Donovan

Malachy is a sophomore at Tufts University studying Economics. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and excited to engage with the Tufts entrepreneurship community as a Student Partner. He is currently working on his own startup out of the Tufts Venture Lab, and is involved in the Tufts Entrepreneurship Society. Previously, Malachy worked as an associate at Founder.org and at an early stage startup in Boston.

Drew Casner

Andrew is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is studying Computer Science with a double minor in Economics and Business. Andrew is actively involved as the Head of Operations for the student club HackCU, the largest college Hackathon in the Mountain Region. In his free time, he likes to play intramural sports and enjoys working out. He is an avid programmer and this past summer interned at Raytheon IIS, writing and maintaining source code on satellite ground stations.

Jon Marchetti

Jon is a student-entrepreneur at Babson College. He is a resident of Babson’s acclaimed entrepreneurship club, eTower, and is currently working on an application meant to improve restaurant operations. His intention is to concentrate in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Anthony Parente

Anthony is a student of entrepreneurship and computer science at Fordham University.  Residing in NYC, he takes advantage of the growing technology interest and startup culture by constantly attending networking events and meetups.  Anthony believes that great ideas, along with the right team, are capable of transforming the way we live our lives.  A developer and product innovator himself, Anthony provides a perspective that allows him to assess which businesses and products will be able to lead societal impact.

Martin Arreola

Martin is a senior at UCSD, studying physiology and neuroscience. He runs The Pepper House, a Qualcomm-backed incubator at UCSD, and helped found Cyly.

Wesley Samples

Wesley is a third-year business student at Georgia Tech. For the past year, Wesley has been working as Director of Startup Exchange, striving to create a centralized community of hackers, hustlers and storytellers at Georgia Tech. Through his passion for art and people, Wesley co-founded Elevated Solutions to provide digital media production and consultation services to Atlanta startups including R.E.D.S., Mystro and larger companies, such as Coca-Cola, LifeProof and Petland. Wesley has a passion for realizing mankind's true potential and harnessing the power of UX, collaboration and love in his startup community and abroad. 

Jason Shein

Jason studies Science, Technology, and Society (STSC) in addition to Engineering Entrepreneurship at UPenn. He previously worked in growth equity and early stage VC at General Atlantic and Metamorphic Ventures, respectively. Jason enjoys hitting the gym, traveling, and would love to chat with anyone who might want to reach out!

Richard Zhang

Richard is a senior at Tufts University, studying Computer Science and Political Science. He has a great interest in the intersection of technology and business, and has gained first-hand experience by working in the FinTech, Big Data, and Education industries for the past few years. This past summer, he worked at Shell TechWorks as the System Architect intern. He serves as the VP of MIT-CHIEF, and still tries to manage his time for reading and writing as a freelance blogger on web technology. He also maintains his own open source project that just hit 2,100 downloads.

Rachel Nelson

Rachel is a junior at Ohio State. She comes from Reno, Nevada where she picked up the spirit of exploration. When she came to Ohio State, that's exactly what she did - explore. She bounced between engineering and business classes before settling on a Finance major, and minors in Computer Science & French. She’s worked for huge companies like Procter & Gamble but also for a small, seed stage venture capital firm in Columbus. In her free time, she’s an avid reader and diehard fan of the Packers, Spurs and Cubs. She loves staying plugged in to Columbus's vibrant and up-and-coming startup community, and looks forward to meeting people with a passion to explore.

Jaron Hall

Jaron is a Business Administration major at the University of Utah, and he has experience in web-based startups. Jaron has started and sold a few ecommerce businesses since high school. Now, Jaron is the co-founder of two online businesses, and he is the Chair of the Utah Entrepreneur Series at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah, where he manages the largest student entrepreneur pitch competition in the state. Jaron's biggest passion is for startups and technology, but aside from that he loves to restore vintage motorcycles into cafe racers, hike, and snowboard. 

Ben Sparango

Ben is a senior mechanical engineering student at The Pennsylvania State University. He is passionate about pursuing many types of innovation in the ever-growing startup culture. Ben is a member of several entrepreneurship clubs at Penn State, such as Innoblue and Lion Launchpad. He is also the co-founder of Stockd; a grocery and alcohol delivery service application that is currently operating in the State College area.

Paige Omura

Paige is a senior at MIT studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Anthropology. She spent this past summer as a Product Engineer at Poly6 Technologies, an early-stage, Boston-based materials startup. At MIT, Paige conducts translational biomedical financing research in the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering and nanoparticle synthesis research in the Langer Laboratory. By capitalizing on her interdisciplinary perspective, Paige hopes to combine methodologies from various fields to identify and create sustainable solutions to societal problems.

Jason Choi

Jason is a student-entrepreneur from Hong Kong seeking to use technology to drive a more sustainable and informed future for all. He’s a current Wharton senior exploring consulting, startups, venture capital and social impact. This past summer, he worked in project management at Bridgewater Associates. He’s an A cappella tenor in the studio, heavy metal fanatic at home, and boxing novice at the gym.

David Mella

David is studying economics and mathematics at Brigham Young University. He has worked with companies in the mobile app, and marketing tech verticals, and has also dabbled in education, politics, and economic research. This past summer he worked as an intern for a Utah VC firm that specializes in SaaS, edtech, and real-estate tech startups in the Mountain West region. He is an inquisitive, personable thinker that enjoys reading, being active outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

Ryan Luo

Ryan is a senior at UCSB, studying economics and accounting. He helps run SB Hacks, UCSB’s hackathon, and is passionate about tech and entrepreneurship.

Ruidi Lu

Ruidi is a senior at Ohio State studying Finance and Economics. He is originally from northeast Ohio and worked at a Cleveland startup accelerator called Flashstarts after his first year of college. He has spent the last two years at JPMorgan Chase in various capacities. He is interested in the role innovation can play in advancing public good and promoting social justice. Outside of work, he is an avid distance runner and sports fan. 

Lia Zhang

Lia is a junior at NYU, studying finance and information systems. This past summer she worked at ff Venture Capital in NYC. She has a specific interest in tech-enabled consumer brands, applications of blockchain technology, and the entertainment & gaming sectors.

Scott Sonneborn

Scott is a senior at Claremont McKenna College, studying Economics. He heads-up CMC’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and this past summer worked in NYC for Goldman Sachs.

Patrick Pistor

Patrick is a third-year student at Rochester Institute of Technology and is also an Apple Design Award Winner. He’s passionate about working with startups, designing beautiful user interfaces and developing websites and apps.

Jared Sacks

Jared is a second-year student at The Ohio State University. He's passionate about startups, and holds leadership roles in two of the largest entrepreneurial organizations at OSU. This past summer, he completed an internship at Study Abroad Apartments, a startup in DreamIt Ventures' 2016 accelerator cohort. When he's not working, he loves making music, trying new foods, and watching Buckeye and New York sports.

Nick Clearwater

Nicholas is a senior at Brigham Young University, where he’s majoring in Korean and minoring in Global Business and Literacy. This past summer, Nicholas was a Summer Consultant at Ernst & Young in San Francisco. Before EY, Nicholas was an intern with Deloitte Consulting based in New York City. Preceding this, Nicholas interned with Palo Alto-based Highcrest Management Group, where he performed investment diligence on Fintech start-ups. Nicholas also spent two years in Seoul, South Korea as a Volunteer Missionary for the LDS Church. In his free time, he enjoys riding his fixie, traveling with his wife and is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan.

Mark Murphy

Mark is a second-year MBA student at UC Berkeley. This past summer he worked at New Relic, and prior to enrolling at Berkeley worked at RBC and Goldman Sachs in NYC. He received his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan, where he studied mathematics and economics.

Leslie Jones

Leslie is a Computer Science student at the University of Chicago. He is originally from Bowie, Maryland. Along with his coursework at the University of Chicago, Leslie likes to code iOS apps for various ideas. He is currently developing a food photography app. Leslie is also highly involved with several student organizations including Edge Entrepreneurship, the premier entrepreneurship organization on his campus. As a plus, he is highly sociable and super kind!

Mac Bolak

Mac’s entrepreneurial career began when he was 13 years old on the streets of Asheville, NC as a street performer, playing guitar and singing, using the proceeds to fund his first year in college.  He still street performs occasionally on Pearl Street in Boulder. Mac is a Leeds Scholar in the esteemed Leads School of Business at CU-Boulder, studying entrepreneurship and finance.  In his free time, Mac is a student manager on the Colorado Buffalo men's basketball team.

Ani Kunaparaju

Ani is a sophomore at Rice, studying CS and economics. This past summer he worked at Polymail doing SWE, and at school, he’s heavily involved in Rice’s AI Lab, their CS Club, and several other organizations.

Ashwin Varma

Ashwin is a sophomore at Rice, studying CS and biochemistry. His expertise, experience, and future goals span the nexus of technology and healthcare, with particular interest in the fields of synthetic biology, molecular genetics, artificial intelligence, and robotics. At Rice, Ashwin is the Co-Founder of the Rice Chapter of the Roosevelt Institute, and has also co-founded an organization, Empiric, that is partnering with Computer Science professors to create a flood-monitoring application that deploys machine learning to determine the propensity of certain routes to flood in Houston. 

Rob Smith

Rob is a sophomore at Lehigh University. He majors in marketing, and minors in both sustainable development and entrepreneurship. As an NGO UN Youth Rep, Robert engages in ECOSOC-level international politics by advocating for his NGO’s mantra of sustainable growth. Through an internship this past summer, he focused on early-stage entrepreneurial development of problems within the optical industry. In his free time, Robert loves learning about new styles and fits of shoes, as well as organic flows within motorcycle design.

Caroline Newman

Caroline is a sophomore at UC Berkeley intending to study Business Administration or Economics. She works closely with entrepreneurs in the Bay Area through her involvement with the UC Berkeley startup accelerator, SkyDeck, and her involvement in innovation through campus organizations. She is passionate about maintaining the essential growth mindset characteristic of entrepreneurs.

Ben Warner

Ben is a member of the Brown University Class of 2018 and an A.B. Economics concentrator. He has served as the Director of Finance for the Brown Entrepreneurship Program and interned with Morgan Stanley. Ben’s interests include entrepreneurial finance and investing. Ben is also a member of the Brown Men’s Golf Team.

Nate Daneshgar

Nathan is a senior at Brown, studying philosophy. He's involved with the Brown Entrepreneurship Program, and likes tech, real estate, and music/philosophy (as you might imagine).

Jesse Atlas

Jesse is a sophomore at Brown, studying behavioral economics. He worked in San Francisco this past summer at Green Visor Capital, maintains a financial newsletter/blog, and is originally from Singapore.

Nick Kerr

Nick is a senior studying Information Systems at Brigham Young University. He’s had a broad range of experience in business and technology, from working in a key role at a local tech startup to interning in Goldman Sachs’ technology division. An avid reader, he derives inspiration from a wide variety of books, from Meditations by Marcus Aurelius to Influence by Robert Cialdini. He’s motivated by a commitment to excellence and a desire to make a positive impact in whatever he does.

Tracy Han

Tracy is a dual-degree MBA/MD candidate at Duke. She’s heavily involved in the Duke healthtech community, spent this past summer at a VC fund in San Francisco, and received her undergraduate degree in chemistry from Stanford.

Shahid Hussain

Shahid is deeply passionate about technology, startups, and everything in between - he believes the overlap between business and technology holds the key to changing the world. Born and raised in Singapore, he prides himself on being geographically and culturally versatile. He's in love with Austin, and all that it offers to the startup enthusiast and music fan in him. Shahid was previously involved with Silicon Straits, Grab, and Sup.

Harvey Simmons

Harvey is a first-year MBA candidate at Cornell. He’s worked at Runkeeper, Wellist, and HubSpot, and helped launch Soaring Startup Circle (a Boston College, affinity-based accelerator). He received his undergraduate degree in philosophy and communications from Boston College.

David Maliglowka

David is a junior at USC studying Business, Computer Science, and Design. He is currently working on startups in both the fintech and talent acquisition industry. David is focused on building products that solve business and user needs through an iterative design process. Through his work with Blackstone LaunchPad and Contrary, David strives to help startups create impactful products in a variety of industries.

Evan Oslakovich

Evan is a senior at RIT, studying mechanical engineering. He’s an entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and all around tech junky. He’s worked for highly respected companies including GE Aviation, and Citgo Refinery, and has founded a smart fitness technology startup. 

Ty Dean

Ty is a junior at Claremont McKenna college, studying Economics and CS. He’s worked at 8VC (fka Formation 8), and this past summer worked at Code Advisors in NYC.

Ron Boger

Ron is a senior at Johns Hopkins, studying biomedical engineering and CS. He co-founded MedHacks, was a KPCB Fellow, and this past summer worked in SWE for Flipboard in San Francisco.

Bankole Cardoso

Bankole is an MBA candidate at Columbia Business School with a keen interest in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Prior to business school, Bankole led The Jumia Group’s (Africa’s first Tech Unicorn) Communications team. In 2013, Bankole founded Easy Taxi Nigeria, the pioneer smart-phone taxi application service in Africa.  Since then, he has received various awards and recognition such as his inclusion in Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30.  He spent the earlier part of his career in Financial Services at The Carlyle Group and at PWC where he obtained his CPA license. He graduated from Boston College with a BSc in Business Management in 2010. You can follow him on Twitter @BankyC.

Tomer Hadassi

Tomer is a junior at NYU studying Information Technology and Finance. Prior to college, Tomer led a team of 10 IT professionals in the Israeli military, and then spent a year doing QE at VMware Israel. Since he started college, Tomer worked in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Investment Banking. In addition to being a Founding Student Partner at Contrary Capital, Tomer is currently also a Product Manager for an early-stage startup called Breta in NYC. 

Alexandra Sukin

Alex is a sophomore at Harvard. She was a founding member of the Intercollegiate Pitch Off and currently helps run VentureWorks.

Anna Mitchell

Anna is a sophomore at Stanford, studying Symbolic Systems, an interdisciplinary major with coursework in computer science, philosophy, cognitive science, and linguistics. She’s interested in using technology to improve systems in government and finance. She’s also fascinated by economics (especially macroeconomics and economic history), politics, and philosophy.

Michael Jarrett

Michael is a freshman at OSU, studying accounting.

Tyler Marx

Tyler is a first-year student at the University of Virginia. Having a father who runs a small business, Tyler was inspired to pursue entrepreneurship in 9th grade, selling officially licensed college longboards and skateboards under the name of Broad Bay Boards. Last April, he was ranked as one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs of 2016 by the NFIB. He is also interested in web development, blockchain technology, and venture capital. When he has free time, Tyler likes surfing in his hometown of Virginia Beach.

Mustafa Masud

Mustafa’s currently a student at UC Santa Barbara, studying political science and economics, with a minor in applied psychology. In his free time, Mustafa enjoys learning about world events and finance. 

Sushanth Raman

Sushanth is a freshman at Columbia, studying CS and econ.

Sidarth Singh

Sid is a junior at Columbia, studying econ. He'll be working at Stripes Group in NYC this upcoming summer.

Julia Taitz

Born and raised in New York City, Julia Taitz is currently a student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Julia studies Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. Before going to Penn, Julia was a competitive alpine ski racer. She also was the youngest graduate of the Flatiron School, a coding boot-camp. Julia hopes to expand her passions for Product Management and Venture Capital moving forward.

Sanjula Weerawardhena

Sanjula is a junior at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Finance, Business Analytics and Marketing. Originally from Sri Lanka, he is heavily involved in the Philadelphia and Penn entrepreneurship community with YouthHack, where he is the program manager for the YouthHack Ventures Accelerator. He is also the founder of YouthHack Sri Lanka, where he is directing programs to impact the Sri Lankan startup ecosystem. In his free time, he loves reading about foreign policy and exploring Philly.

Tanner Johnston

Tanner rides the line between engineering and business.  While studying Mechanical Engineering at BYU, he has worked with software start-ups and Fortune 500 healthcare companies.  A lover and solver of complex problems, he is currently the VP of Education for BYU’s Engineers Mean Business club, which is geared towards bridging the gap between business and STEM majors.  When he isn’t building a robot or reading The Economist, you can find him ripping through Utah’s southern desert on his KTM, at the gym listening to books on Audible, or watching Suits with his beautiful wife.

Brighton Youd

Of the last five years, Brighton has spent two years living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and four months living in Jerusalem, Israel leading international teams in engaging with those communities. The two years and eight months Brighton has not been abroad have been spent working at Utah's fastest growing technology company as well as a global investment bank in Los Angeles, California. Brighton is passionate about the success of university students and the amazing potential they have to create value in local, national and global markets.

Aman Raghuvanshi

Aman's a junior at Claremont McKenna, studying CS. He helps to run the Center for Innovation/Entrepreneurship, and has worked as a PM for Cloud Lending Solutions.

Zach Thigpen

Zach’s a first-year MBA at Cal. He’s worked with a number of start-ups in a variety of roles including business development, strategy, and marketing. In addition to Contrary Capital, Zach is a Haas Venture Fellow, an Intern at SkyDeck Accelerator, heads up Long Term Strategy at LAUNCH Accelerator, and on the executive committee for the Venture Capital Investment Competition. He is passionate about helping start-ups and founders to solve problems for today and plan for future.

Stefan Aleksic

Stefan is a computer science student at RIT. His favorite thing in the world is meeting people and making friends. He loves to travel to foreign countries to experience new cultures and ways of life. His work was featured on Fast Company, Smithsonian Magazine, Android Authority, and Gigaom. He loves thinking about startups and how they can make a positive impact on the world around us. 

Chris Gillett

Chris is a finance major at Texas A&M University interested in entrepreneurship, finance, and technology. He grew up in Houston, Texas and graduated from St. John's School in 2016. Before that, he worked at Joven Partners, at the Henke Law Firm as an office assistant, for the David Rosen campaign as a volunteer coordinator, and completed internships with the City of Austin's Public Information Office and WJ Alexander & Associates.

Aaron Ngo

Aaron’s originally from Cheltenham, PA and is currently enrolled in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He's passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, and potatoes. In his spare time Aaron likes to run, read, and adventure with friends.  

Tyler Ettner

Tyler is a proponent of life-long learning and personal growth, aspiring to make a meaningful impact on the world through unique solutions to contemporary global issues. He currently studies Environmental Science and Entrepreneurship at the University of California Santa Barbara, striving to utilize his passion and work ethic to 'make a living by making a difference'. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys working on his AirBnB business, traveling, and creating amazing experiences to last a lifetime.

Adam Pulsipher

Adam is a student at BYU where he is pursuing both a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a master’s degree in Statistics. Driven by his desire to attack every part of life, he has spent parts of the last few years learning Spanish living in South America, tackling running backs in NFL stadiums, and helping young entrepreneurs here in the Silicon Slopes. His eyes were opened to the world of innovation in technology while surrounded by great mentors at Pelion Venture Partners. Since then, Adam has worked with companies in the FinTech, SaaS, Sharing Economy, and Drone industries. In his free time, Adam can usually be found playing Connect Four with his wife, training for next football season, or creating a spreadsheet to solve life’s newest quandary.

Joe Levy

Joe is a current freshman at Carnegie Mellon, playing football and studying finance. He is currently in his first year of representing Contrary. Outside of that, he runs a small business and loves the Chicago Bears and Blackhawks.

Joo Ho Yeo

Joo Ho is a sophomore studying CS & operations research and information engineering at Cornell University. On campus, he is a project manager at Cornell Venture Capital Club and an associate at Cornell Consulting Club. Joo Ho's previous experiences include interning at an international law firm and serving in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. In his free time, Joo Ho loves to bowl, travel, and play tetris.

Sam Shillingford

Sam is currently a sophomore at the University of Utah, studying Computer Science with a minor in business. Sam currently works as a Product Manager for Anonyome Labs in Salt Lake City on their swiftly growing messaging app, Sudo, and their Virtual Prepaid Card app, SudoPay. Sam's interests include new technologies, politics and investment banking. In his spare time, Sam enjoys hiking, basketball and exercise. Sam is also an active member of the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Chi and the University of Utah.

Charlie You

Charlie is a Computer Science student at RPI studying machine learning, data, and AI. He's started two companies in the past--one in electronics design and manufacturing, which exited, and one in sports analytics, which failed--and is currently in the process of getting another one started. He currently leads the Inventor's Guild, a think tank and consulting firm that has won over three dozen awards and consulted for over two dozen early-stage startups. During his free time, he loves to play sports of all kinds, especially mountain biking, squash, and BJJ, and to read. To find out more, you can visit his website http://charlieyou.me.

Scott Luttmann

Scott is passionately interested about technology’s impact on the world, and the creativity that makes great innovations. He is a student at Penn State studying Information Sciences and Technology. To satisfy his love of extreme sports, he skis, surfs, and wakeboards. He is almost always listening to music, but also plays guitar, drums, piano, and is a DJ. Intrigued with learning, he is always trying to further his education on business, science, and technology, and meet interesting people who think differently.

Sohom Paul

Sohom is a freshman at UCLA, studying econ and statistics. He started his first company in an incubator at MIT when he was 17.

John Pesce

John is a Purdue computer science student with a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Constantly developing new skills and mindsets for the tasks at hand, he can efficiently adapt to different and dynamic scenarios. His enthusiasm for understanding the values and principles of others allows him to connect with fellow coworkers, clients, and even acquaintances with ease. Most importantly, John's firm belief in networking is not only based around creating such connections, but also fostering long lasting relationships. 

Will Robbins

Will is an undergrad studying CS at UIUC with a concentration in Intelligence & Big Data.  Previously he was the cofounder of Techwurk.org, the creator of Brick Breaker Free (100k users), and an engineering intern at RetailMeNot.  Will is also an engineering intern at Yelp in San Francisco.  He enjoys traveling, meeting new people over coffee, and spending an unhealthy amount of time looking for great tunes on Spotify.

Arnav Mishra

Arnav is a senior studying Computer Science at UIUC, projected to complete his Masters in Computer Science by May 2018. Arnav has his roots in the Silicon Valley, the hub of entrepreneurship, and has been passionate about technology start-ups since early high school. Arnav is actively engaged in the entrepreneurial community at the University of Illinois through his roles as Director of HackIllinois and Engagement Partner of OTCR Consulting. In his free time, Arnav enjoys playing soccer, writing, and watching sports.

Ramis Khan

Ramis is a sophomore at the University of Michigan – Ross School of Business. Ramis has been involved with entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan since his first semester, freshman year. Ramis is fascinated with innovation, creative processes, and what factors make a startup successful. When he is not engaging in schoolwork or extracurricular activities, Ramis likes to listen to music, read, and catch up with friends and family. 

Soham More

Soham is a freshman at UCSD, studying bioengineering and biomedical engineering.

Nick Sherman

Nick is a First Year at Olin College of Engineering, where he is a prospective Electrical Computer Engineer major. Nick is a board member of Olin's entrepreneurship club, the Foundry where he is the current point person for the Startup Fairs. In his free time, Nick enjoys board games and participating in the Fire Arts club at Olin.

Berkay Unlu

Berkay is a student at Tufts, currently studying CS & Product Design. He's also currently co-founding a fashion brand called Jeggie.

Ravi Bakhai

Ravi is a sophomore at UChicago studying Economics. He started his first company in high school and founded the Business and Entrepreneurship club on campus. After graduation, Ravi decided to learn how to code in order to build out any ideas he had. Ravi has experience in both start-ups and the financial industry. Ravi has worked at JetSmarter, a business valuation firm, private equity company, and also launched a clothing brand with a fellow UChicago student. Currently his start-up Treehouse, is in the UChicago accelerator program. He is a pitcher on the varsity baseball team and a member of Phi Gamma Delta at UChicago.

Bryan Waterhouse

Bryan Waterhouse is a third year student at the University of Chicago studying economics.  He loves to play and watch all sports, but soccer is his favorite, and he captains UChicago’s club team. He was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio so he feels a hometown obligation to support Ohio’s sports teams, and he thinks game 7 of the 2016 NBA finals was the most incredible game of basketball he’s ever seen. Besides sports, Bryan enjoys listening to music, eating good food, and slam poetry. A goal of his is to run a record label that allows artists to retain full creative control and will work with artists without signing them to long term contracts. He believes that the bigger and older and industry is, the more susceptible it is to disruption, and another goal of his is to be as disruptive as possible. He also enjoys watching 30 rock on Netflix.

Max Allen

Max is a computer science major and Chinese minor at MIT. He's Vice President of cross-campus relations in StartLabs, MITs undergraduate entrepreneurship student group. He's also the MIT director of InnovateEDU, a Boston cross campus entrepreneurship collaboration and venture creation competition. He loves music, design, practicing his Chinese, and rock climbing.

Michael Kovalcik

Michael is a junior at the University of Michigan currently pursuing dual degrees in Computer Science and Data Science Engineering. Michael is deeply imbedded in the entrepreneurship community at Michigan and has taken an active role in leading numerous projects for the Michigan Data Science Team and Reinforcement Learning Research Lab.

Jesse Zhang

Jesse's currently a student at Harvard studying computer science and math. He's very interested in entrepreneurship, and has technical experience in software engineering, machine learning, and algorithmic trading, with stints at Google, Hudson River Trading, Kensho, and Intel. Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Jesse enjoy activities outdoors and is an avid basketball and poker player outside of class. Recently, he started watching HBO's Westworld, and is looking forward to talking about it with anyone. 

Chris Dale

Chris loves building things that go fast. As a Junior at Emory Univerity studying Economics and Computer Science, he is also the director of Emory's startup-incubator, The Excellerator. As director, Chris guides student-run startups from the ideation to investment phases, helping the companies grow over the course of a semester. Chris is also an admissions tour guide and captain of Emory's Club Lacrosse team.

Noah Adelstein

Noah is part of the class of 2019 at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Economics with a minor in Computer Science. He first became interested in startups his senior year of high school during a 3-week internship with a Denver tech company. Since then, Noah has begun working on a baseball blog about the St. Louis Cardinals, as well as interned for two startups and a third this upcoming summer. His primary interests are in the most disruptive companies and in areas of education, health & wellness, and other consumer products. He's also an avid sports fan and loves to play soccer, ski, snowboard and go for runs.

Blake Billiet

Blake is a senior at Northeastern University, where he studies Business and Computer Science. At Northeastern, Blake has served as the President of the Entrepreneurs Club and is a coach for Northeastern's IDEA Venture Accelerator. Through Northeastern's co-op program and other internship opportunities, Blake has gained experience working in venture-related roles at a number of firms including Hyperplane Venture Capital, Founder Collective, and Hercules Capital. Although fascinated with venture investing, Blake also aspires to be on the other side of the table with a company of his own some day. 

Dan Felman

Dan is a junior at Wake Forest University majoring in Business Management. He is currently the President of the Wake Forest Entrepreneurship Society and is working to further the presence of entrepreneurship on campus. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, business development, and venture capital. 

Austin Wu

Austin is a Duke undergraduate studying linguistics and computer science interested in the intersections of technology with education and healthcare. He is especially focused on the ways technology can create impact in these spaces by leveraging and enhancing relationships between individuals. Austin is also involved with an education startup working in college admissions, as well as HackDuke. 

Vidhan Bhaiya

Vidhan is a freshman studying Chemical Engineering and Economics at Northeastern University. He is very involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Northeastern and is on the management team at IDEA: Northeastern University's Venture Accelerator, President of the Family Business Club and Programming Director at the Emerging Markets Club. He is currently working on creating a high-performance medical shoe. Vidhan loves to chat with people who are either Manchester United fans or are working on cool projects. (ENTJ)

Susan Wu

Susan is a freshman from NYC who is currently studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University with a potential minor in machine learning. She has a strong interest in the intersection of business and technology. On campus, she is an active member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity, TSA, and ASA. She is learning German and aspires to study abroad in Switzerland. In her free time, she loves to play random songs on the piano, swim, and is currently training for a half marathon. 

Sid Ramesh

Sid is a sophomore at UW-Madison, where he's currently studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. He's the Director of Operations for the Blockchain Education Network, and did SWE for IBM last summer.

Andrew Donohue

Andrew is sophomore at Boston College studying finance and Mandarin. He is on the Executive Board for Entrepreneurship at BC and heads the Accelerator Program there. Andrew also founded his first company Sensei Buff his freshman year and is now working at a GovTech startup.

Colin King

Colin is a third-year computer science student at the University of Maryland where he will graduate with a combined BS/MS in spring 2018. Colin has been involved with entrepreneurship on campus since he launched a social impact venture his freshmen year. He has experience as an engineer at both Nextdoor and Google, and will be a KPCB Engineering Fellow this summer. Colin's interests range from cybersecurity and computational linguistics to running and baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Curren Iyer

Curren is a senior at Harvard, studying CS. Previously, he ran Harvard Ventures, Harvard's premier undergraduate entrepreneurship organization. Current spent last summer working for Goldman Sachs in San Francisco, and before that worked in product development for Jana Care, a healthcare startup, in Bangalore.

Colin Parsons

Colin is a member of the Washington University in St. Louis class of 2020, studying mathematics, finance, and Spanish. He's developed a game 3D printed on the International Space Station, piquing his interest in astronautics and additive manufacturing. He's also worked at a virtual reality startup acquired by Google, inspiring him with a passion for augmented reality, machine learning, and data analytics. At Washington University, Colin is involved in a variety of entrepreneurship organizations, including Y's Thoughts, the Skandalaris Center, and Moonshots. He's an avid soccer player and fan as well, and loves to go hiking and exploring in his free time.