Investing in Chums

Eric Tarczynski · Mar 22, 2021

When we met Noah Elion last June, we immediately knew he was up to something special.

It’s not every day that you meet someone who’s built a product that tens of thousands are using (loving, for that matter) in a matter of months. Not to mention, up to that point, Noah had gotten almost zero help, bootstrapping Chums in its early days and showing remarkable product instinct.

As we got to know Noah and his vision for Chums more and more, I couldn’t help but think of my longtime friend, Dick Fickling. We’d started our first company together in college, and he’d spent the better part of the decade deeply involved in the social shopping space at Honey.

So we connected Noah and Dick, thinking that perhaps he’d become a close advisor and help the Chums team throughout the journey.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Not only did Noah and Dick ultimately become co-founders, but we were fortunate to be day zero backers.

While the Chums story is just beginning to unfold, we couldn’t be more excited about the vision for what they’re building – the place where people begin their online shopping experiences.