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Contrary Talent

Jul 01, 2020

We started Contrary four years ago with the core thesis that most iconic tech companies were started by young, first-time founders — but that even greater numbers of founders couldn't get off the starting line because they didn't have access.

As a result, if we could identify them — regardless of where they came from — provide them with a world-class network of downstream capital, mentorship from top operators, and tactical advice when needed most, the rest would be history.

We've spent the past four years doing just that, running a venture fund backed by founders of Tesla, Reddit, Facebook, and more, focused on backing the top dozen early-career entrepreneurs each year — with unparalleled success thus far.

But the vision has always been to support exceptional people, not just founders.

That's why today we're opening up our network to the top early-career engineers, designers, and product minds through a first-of-its-kind program we call Contrary Talent.

Each year, select members join Contrary Talent when in school, and for the rest of their careers, have access to mentorship from our LPs and extended network, direct lines to jobs at exciting startups, a community of like-minded peers, and access to capital when they start or join companies.

To run Contrary Talent, we hired Ellis Briery, who was previously Triplebyte's Head of Talent. Ellis and the Talent team now act as the personal agent for the highest quality early-career minds in the tech world.

Talent is our next step as we continue building the go-to firm for the world's top early-career tech talent — we're just getting started.

To learn more, visit our website here.