Danielle Frider

Eric Tarczynski · Jan 13, 2021

Five years ago, we recognized that for the next generation of world-class venture franchises, having community at the core of the firm was going to be table stakes --- non-negotiable.

And so we invested. Heavily.

We've spent that time building an unparalleled foundation of Venture Partners across 35+ universities who build lifelong bonds and work together every single day. We have a deeply engaged alumni community working at top venture funds and founding their own companies. And we run hundreds of events each year, culminating in our annual Retreat.

But until today, something has always been lacking --- one person on our team dedicated fully and completely to the Contrary community.

I'm proud to say that Danielle Frider is that person. Originally from North Carolina, Danielle's been heavily involved with community-based initiatives in San Francisco, New York, and Tel Aviv.

She was a core part of helping WeWork build the brand and deep customer love that propelled their growth in the Bay Area. She then headed to Airtable as one of the first 30 employees, and most recently was at Samsara focusing on the intersection of talent (a big focus for us) and brand.

We couldn't be more excited to have Danielle on the team, and hope you'll join us in extending a warm welcome.

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