Demo Day 2019

Sep 12, 2019

Contrary exists to identify the very best talent coming out of universities and put a world-class roster of backers on their side from the beginning.

Over the past year, we partnered with a dozen companies — a small group representing the most exciting startups on campuses nationwide.

We then spent the summer working with teams, building everything from next-gen micro-mobility infrastructure to SaaS for financial advisors.

Our philosophy is pragmatic: rather than waste time with inspirational talks or one-size-fits-all platitudes, we focused on connecting founders with top mentors for targeted feedback.

To name a few examples: Jeff Rothschild, founding engineer at Facebook, did 1:1 office hours with startup CTOs. Ann Miura-Ko, one of the top VCs in the world, met with teams to offer advice. And Kate Clark from TechCrunch helped demystify PR strategy.

High-touch, meaningful impact is what we’re all about at Contrary.

To finish up another year of hard work and showcase the founders we work with, on Tuesday we held our annual Demo Day: a selective day with decision-makers from top funds.

Although most of our teams are staying under-the-radar for now, we’re excited to share two that we’ve had the pleasure of working with:

Vise is reimagining portfolio management. There is currently no data-driven, modern suite of tools to service the $10 Trillion in assets controlled by RIAs and wealth managers. Having recently raised a seed from Founders Fund and Bling Capital, Vise is aggressively expanding their customer base.

Twine is building the single source of truth for all HR data and people analytics. Their customers include some of the fastest-growing companies in the world, like Segment and Credit Karma, and they’re backed by leaders in both the enterprise (Ross Mason of MuleSoft) and people (Adam Grant of Wharton) space.

As we conclude another summer and another school year begins in earnest, I’d be remiss not to thank everyone who continues to play a role in helping build Contrary. We’re fortunate to have the support of so many friends, family, early believers, and wonderful backers — we wouldn’t be here without you.

Stay persistent,

Eric & the Contrary team.

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