Seth Kimmel + Jason Chen

Contrary HQ · Jan 13, 2022

I’m excited to share two pieces of news today: first, that Seth Kimmel has joined us on the team as a software engineer. And second, that our very own Jason Chen has been promoted to Principal.

The best part about this news is that both Seth and Jason are longtime community members. We put our money where our mouth is at Contrary – having a community filled with top 0.1% talent – and believe deeply in hiring and growing from within as a result.

Prior to joining Contrary, Seth was on the engineering team at Mapbox, helping them map the world. His background is in computational science and mathematics – plus, he’s a fellow New Jerseyan.

As for Jason, he continues to cement himself as one of the sharpest up-and-coming investors in venture. He’s sourced and been the go-to partner for several of our unannounced portfolio companies, and their CEOs hold him in the highest regard.

Join me in congratulating Seth and Jason – onwards!