Startup Fair 2021

Contrary HQ · May 05, 2021

As builders ourselves, we know how hard it is to find the perfect team to join.

There are the obvious questions of whether technical or product problems fall within areas of interest. And there are many other dimensions to consider too: company culture, tech stack, growth trajectory, career value, etc.

But career pages on a website, or quick chats with recruiters, don't quite offer the 360-degree insight that you would need to assess fit.

That's why we're launching Startup Fair 2021, a virtual event with 15 of the world's top startups designed to help engineers, designers, and product people discover the company that feels like home.

Our mission is to help you foster genuine connections with leaders at career-defining startups like Figma, Stytch, Ramp, and Vise. No resume dumps, no impersonal outreach, just real conversations with real people.

You can learn more and apply to attend at

Startup Fair 2021 will be held this summer on July 15th, but complete the 2-minute application as soon as possible for the best chance of getting accepted.

— The Contrary Team

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