The Contrary Fellowship: Round Two

Contrary HQ · Mar 08, 2021

Six months ago, we launched the Contrary Fellowship to identify the world's top early-career talent. As a firm, we committed to helping that talent start companies, join high-growth startups, and build a powerful network of peers.

Despite welcoming our first cohort in the midst of a global pandemic that left us without opportunities for in-person connection, we spent the time wisely—helping Fellows become founding engineers at age 21, raise money for their startups, and build lasting friendships along the way.

"Speaking to people who blew me away has been the highlight of my time in the Contrary Fellowship." — Ethan D.

Now, we're back for round two.

We're welcoming the next cohort of Contrary Fellows into the fold on April 1. Applications are open now and closing on March 22. The best way to increase your odds of getting accepted is to receive an invitation from a current Fellow.

To learn more about Contrary Fellows or to apply, visit our homepage.

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